CanAm Enterprises (“CanAm”) is pleased to announce that Piyush Gupta has been appointed to the position of Vice President for India and the Middle East. A seasoned Business Development professional with 12 years of experience in sales, strategy and client management, Mr. Gupta has deep cultural ties to, and understanding of, the world’s most populous and diverse country – India. Mr. Gupta’s main responsibilities are to develop and execute critical business development initiatives, establish and foster strategic partnerships, and nurture customer relationships in the region on behalf of CanAm.

With a background as a mechanical engineer, Mr. Gupta brings an engineer’s approach to problem-solving to the position. Earning an MBA from HKUST Business School in Hong Kong, with an exchange semester at NUS Business School in Singapore, Mr. Gupta’s multi-cultural competencies have been shaped by working with teams and management based in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and the United States. Mr. Gupta previously served as Vice President of India and Manager of Business Development for CanAm’s affiliate, CanAm Investor Services, the parent company’s licensed broker-dealer. Bringing this wealth of knowledge in EB-5 to his new role, Mr. Gupta will help drive business and customer growth in India and the Middle East and assist with marketing and communications strategies in the region.

“I am excited by the opportunity to help people considering immigration by way of investment in the U.S. see the value proposition of choosing CanAm for their EB-5 journey,” Gupta said. “With a track record of more than 6,000 permanent green cards issued and 50 capital repayments made for EB-5 projects, CanAm is one of the industry’s most successful regional centers and provides the personal level of customer service that clients in India and the Middle East deserve,” he said.