Significant Changes to EB-5 Program Announced: Minimum TEA Investment Increases to $900,000

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a final rule on July 24 that will bring significant regulatory changes to the popular EB-5 Immigrant Investor program. Among several other changes, the regulation will raise the minimum investment amount in TEAs from $500,000 to $900,000, and $1.8 million outside TEAs. The final rule will go into effect on November 21, 2019.

CanAm Enterprises (“CanAm”) has consistently informed EB-5 stakeholders about the expected change since the early stage of the regulatory process, outlining the importance of working with a reputable regional center. Following today’s announcement, CanAm aims to provide expert guidance to all investors who now have to complete the EB-5 investment process before November 21, 2019 to still qualify under the current $500,000 minimum investment requirement.

Contact CanAm Enterprises to find out if you qualify for the EB-5 program.

In order to still invest under the current minimum investment threshold of $500,000, it is important to act quickly:

Find a Reputable Regional Center
First, prospective EB-5 investors need to find a suitable regional center which has high-quality investment projects available and can provide subscription documents shortly. After reviewing the offering documents, EB-5 investors should proceed to prepare funds and move forward with the EB-5 investment process.

Retain an Immigration Attorney
After finding a suitable regional center, we highly recommend that EB-5 investors retain an experienced immigration attorney who specializes in the EB-5 program in order to properly file the I-526 petition and provide evidence outlining their source of funds.

It is absolutely essential to file Petition I-526 properly and remit the full investment amount of $500,000 before November 21, 2019 as any delay or faulty petitions will cause the investor to become subject to the new regulations.

Why Pursue an EB-5 Visa through CanAm?
CanAm Enterprises has financed over 55 EB-5 project loans and raised more than $2.8 billion in EB-5 capital across the United States leading to over 13,000 green card approvals. Having already repaid over $1.25 billion back to investors, CanAm is truly an experienced leader in the EB-5 industry.

CanAm invites everyone pursuing permanent residency in the United States to read CanAm’s EB-5 Program Overview and inquire about the EB-5 Visa options through one of the various contact options.

About CanAm Enterprises 

CanAm Enterprises, with over three decades of experience promoting immigration-linked investments in the US and Canada, has a demonstrated track record of success. With over 60 financed projects and $3 billion in raised EB-5 investments, CanAm has earned a reputation for credibility and trust. To date, CanAm has repaid more than $2.26 billion in EB-5 capital from over 4,530 families. CanAm manages several USCIS-designated regional centers that stretch across multiple states. For more information, please visit



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