Helping Latin Americans Navigate & Invest in the U.S.A. Through EB-5 Visa

CanAm webinar features expert Latin American panel on immigration, wealth, & tax planning

New York, NY – As part of its continuing effort to improve understanding of the U.S. immigration process, CanAm Enterprises (“CanAm”) a leading EB-5 immigration by investment regional center, presents its latest in a series of webinars devoted to answering key questions individuals have about the path to an American green card by investment. In “The Wealth and Business Planning Webinar for Latin American Immigration to the U.S.” CanAm brings together Latin American legal, business and tax planning experts for step-by-step discussion on what it takes to successfully move lives, investments and wealth from Latin American countries to the United States.

“Latin Americans have many options for legal U.S. immigration, including the EB-5 immigrant investor visa, but each one requires thoughtful planning, careful attention to each step, and a prudent approach to safeguarding your wealth,” said Joan Hull, CFA, Director of Relationship Management for CanAm. “To help individuals make informed decisions about their immigration journey, CanAm brings together experts and thought leaders through our webinar series. The panelists on this webinar bring a wealth of knowledge and regional expertise to the Latin American immigration journey and provide key insights into immigration, wealth and tax planning,” added Hull.

Moderated by Ms. Hull, the panel includes:

Tadeu Ferreira, Esq, Partner, Leaf, Ferreira, de Araujo, LLC

Marco Scanu, CEO, Visa Business Plans

Flavia Vianna, CPA, Director, NYC Office, Jade Fiducial

For insights that only Latin American legal, business and tax planning experts can offer, register here to learn more.

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