CanAm Enterprises (CanAm) is appalled by the outbreak of anti-Asian racism and violence over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hearts go out to the victims of these senseless crimes. These recent events strike especially close to home for our organization. For more than three decades, CanAm has worked diligently to help members of the Asian immigrant community become American citizens. This community of Asians are not only the clients we serve, they are an integral part of our CanAm family – our co-workers, colleagues and friends. Moreover, the Asian community has enriched American culture, added to our productive capacity as a nation and enhanced our influence in the world.

We stand in solidarity and shoulder to shoulder with our Asian brothers and sisters against these intolerable acts of hatred. But, we believe it is important that we not just stand together with them in word, but also in deed. As such, we stand in strong support of recent Congressional discussions focused upon expanding federal hate crimes legislation to more effectively protect the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities and hope such legislation will become law. We further pledge to continue to increase our support of such efforts.

It is heartening to see that other organizations, groups and individuals across the country are rallying behind the Asian community. Nearly 1,000 Asian American chief executives and business leaders in the U.S. have pledged to donate $10 million toward causes that support AAPI communities. CanAm has joined them and made contributions to Stop AAPI Hate and Asian Americans Advancing Justice. In addition, there has been a clear national outcry against anti-Asian violence that crosses cultural and racial lines. The acts of a few do not represent the many, but it is time to work for change.


If you witness or are targeted in an anti-Asian hate crime, or if you have further information about any ongoing investigation, report it immediately to your local police, then file a report with the FBI.