Eric Wang

Vice President, Investor Relations

Eric Wang serves as the Vice President of Investor Relations at CanAm, with responsibility for cultivating and nurturing relationships with all subscribed investors of the organization. Since joining CanAm, Mr. Wang has fostered a close rapport with investors by catering to their individual requirements, responding to queries on investment-related concerns, such as project updates, green card status, and IRS and USCIS form filings, through email, phone, texting, and social media communications. Mr. Wang also collaborates with the executive management team and CanAm's global workforce to facilitate agent requests and resolve investor-related disputes.

Mr. Wang earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Baruch College in New York and has accumulated substantial expertise in the field of real estate property development and management, with a focus on bank financing and related financial industry matters. He first joined CanAm in 2016 as an investor relations associate.