Richard Alanthwaite

Vice President, Hong Kong

Richard Alanthwaite is the Vice President for CanAm Enterprises overseas operation in Hong Kong.

Mr. Alanthwaite was with the Canadian government for 12 years where he held senior positions such as; Manager Canadian Immigration Center, Manager of Recruitment & Settlement, New Brunswick Region and A/Director of Immigration in the New Brunswick Region.  Additionally, Mr. Alanthwaite worked as a Visa Officer at the Canadian Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan (1979-1981) and as an Entrepreneurial Development Officer, Business Immigration Unit at the then Commission for Canada in Hong Kong (1987-1989), currently known as The Canadian Consulate General, Hong Kong & Macau.

Upon leaving the Canadian government, Mr. Alanthwaite owned and operated an immigration consulting firm in Hong Kong for 22 years which was trusted by over 3,300 clients. Mr. Alanthwaite has also worked as a Consultant to other immigration and law firms in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Canada, etc.

Mr. Alanthwaite was graduated with bachelor’s degrees from both the University of Waterloo and the University of New Brunswick in Canada. He has served as a Vice-President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and as the Chairman of the University of New Brunswick (Hong Kong) Alumni Association.