Marsha Corchado

Director – Administrative Operations

Marsha Corchado is responsible for planning and organizing all operational and administrative functions for CanAm’s Executive team. Ms. Corchado monitors the status and development of CanAm’s priorities by collaborating and communicating frequently with departments and key business partners. Ms. Corchado schedules and attends important planning meetings, drafts agendas and monitors deadlines and key metrics required for CanAm’s decision-making process. Ms. Corchado also organizes CanAm’s annual strategic planning meeting with staff from our overseas offices.

Ms. Corchado joined CanAm in 2005 and during her tenure, her roles included managing its Client Relations and Human Resources departments. Based on Ms. Corchado’s institutional knowledge of CanAm’s operations, she currently works closely with CanAm’s Executive team on facilitating several cross-functional and firm-wide projects as well as oversight of HR functional areas.

Ms. Corchado began her career in the non-profit sector, working as an Event Planner and Development Associate in the Development Office of Partnership with Children. Her responsibilities included fundraising and planning events for clients and prospective donors. Prior to that position, she worked as a Grant Writer at Hamilton-Madison House, a non-profit organization located in Chinatown. Her responsibilities included drafting applications to private and public foundations to support various grant-funded projects for the Chinatown immigrant community.

Ms. Corchado earned a Masters degree in Human Resources Management from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Barnard College of Columbia University.