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How we protect you



Online Security

CanAm is serious about safeguarding your personal information online. As a security measure, you may access your account information online from the CanAm website only if you have registered with CanAm’s Investor Online System.

CanAm uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your personal information such as User ID’s, Passwords, and account information over the internet. Any information provided to you is scrambled en route and decoded once it reaches your browser.


The internet is and will continue to be the source of many new opportunities. Those who get the most out of those opportunities will be those who use them wisely. Although the information below is not exhaustive, it contains some key points that will help you use the internet in a more secure manner. Use these points with caution and good judgment.


Submitting Forms Online

Information you provide via electronic forms on the IOS website is secure and encrypted in most instances. In other words, it is scrambled en route and decoded once it reaches CanAm. You may check that your web session is secure by looking for a small lock symbol usually located in the lower corner of your web browser window. Current versions of leading web browsers indicate when a web page is encrypted for transmission through this symbol. You may also look for the letters "https://" at the beginning of your website URL in your web browser. The "s" means that the web connection is secure.


Sending E-mail to CanAm

E-mail sent within the IOS website is secure. However, e-mail sent to us through other means may not be secure unless we advise you that security measures will be in place prior to your transmitting the information. Therefore, we ask that you do not send confidential information such as social security or account numbers to us via an unsecured e-mail. Such communications should be sent to us via postal mail or you may call 718-624-7850 or visit our offices.


Links to Third Party Websites

CanAm is not responsible for the information practices employed by sites linked to or from our website. In most cases, links to non-CanAm websites are provided solely as pointers to information on topics that may be useful to the users of the IOS website. Third party websites may have different privacy policies and/or security standards governing their sites.


Security Enforcement

Employee Conduct
The CanAm Corporate Code of Conduct expresses our absolute commitment to integrity, our related corporate values and ethical standards and the associated business conduct we expect from all our employees. The Code of Conduct includes very specific guidelines concerning the safeguarding of confidential information, which includes customer information. In general, these guidelines limit employee access to confidential information, and limit the use and disclosure of such information to specifically authorized processes and transactions. If it is determined that employees have violated the Code of Conduct, corrective action may be taken, including immediate dismissal.


Verification of Practices
Periodically, our operations and business practices are reviewed for compliance with corporate policies and procedures governing the confidentiality of information. These reviews are conducted by our own internal staff. Included in these self-assessments and examinations are reviews of the controls and safeguards related to investor privacy, which are described in our Privacy Policy.


Consumer Recourse
If you believe we have not complied with our stated privacy policies concerning our usage of personally identifiable information that we may collect over the Internet, or that information we have provided to you based upon your Internet activity is inaccurate, you may Contact Us.


Privacy Policy

CanAm’s Privacy Policy explains what CanAm does to keep information about you private and secure. We want you to know how we manage that information to serve you and that you have choices about how it is shared. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully.


Q. What information do you have about me?

A. To provide services and to help meet your needs, we collect information about you from various sources.

  • We get information from your requests for our products or services.
  • We get information from your immigration and investor documents
  • We get information about your transactions with us.


Q. How do you safeguard information about me?

A. We take a number of steps to protect the privacy of information about you.  Here are some examples:

  • We keep information under physical, electronic or procedural controls that comply with or exceed governmental standards.
  • We authorize our employees, agents and contractors to get information about you only when they need it to do their work for us.
  • We require companies working for us to protect information. They agree to use it only to provide the services we ask them to perform for us.


Q. Is information about me shared with service providers, financial companies and other organizations outside of CanAm?

A. Yes. We may share information about you with outside companies that work for us. These may include firms that assist in compiling accounting reports or financial statements related to your investment as well as legal counsel handling certain immigration and investment documents on our behalf. We may also share information about you with USCIS as it pertains to regular reporting required of CanAm’s regional centers or as it relates to your immigration status.  These arrangements allow CanAm to better service your investment and immigration goals and requirements. We may also share information about you in other ways, as required or permitted by law. Here are some examples of ways that we share information.

  • To protect against fraud.
  • To service your account.
  • With your consent.


Q. Is information about me shared with non-financial companies outside of CanAm?

A. No. We do not share information about you with companies such as retailers, immigration attorneys, or other regional centers.


Q. Who is covered by the Privacy Policy?

A. The Privacy Policy covers CanAm and its affiliated subsidiaries. The Privacy Policy applies to current and former investors.  The privacy policies posted on our websites apply when you use those sites. Please contact us if you see any personal information on our website that you believe is incorrect. The Privacy Policy is effective as of January 1, 2008.


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