CanAm's Redeployment Strategies

What is EB-5 Redeployment and How Does it Work?

What Are EB-5 Redeployment Options?

Redeployment of EB-5 capital is one of the most important concerns for both existing and prospective EB-5 investors today. CanAm’s investor-focused EB-5 redeployment platform provides EB-5 redeployment investment options to suit each individual investor’s specific needs depending on the duration of an investor’s respective redeployment period, liquidity needs, desired capital return, and risk tolerance.

Why is there a need to deploy EB-5 capital?

Investors whose countries of origin reach the annual EB-5 Visa country cap are subject to visa backlogs and face visa retrogression until visas become available either through a subsequent year’s visa allocation or if the US government passes regulations to add more visa numbers. However, USCIS still requires that visa backlogged investors keep their EB-5 investments “at risk” during the entire conditional permanent residence period until their Form I-829 petition can be filed, which can be many years after the original EB-5 investment has been repaid. The concept of redeployment has now been incorporated into the USCIS Policy Manual.

Who has to redeploy their EB-5 capital?

Any EB-5 investor who has not filed the Form I-829 petition but whose investment capital has been repaid by the original EB-5 investment must redeploy the repaid funds into another investment vehicle to satisfy USCIS’ EB-5 Program conditions.

Do I have to redeploy into another EB-5 project?

USCIS does not require repaid EB-5 capital to be redeployed into another EB-5 project. Investors are permitted to redeploy their capital into various investment vehicles within the scope of their original EB-5 investment.

It’s all about suitability

The most important factor in any investment decision is suitability – determining whether a particular investment meets the specific needs and objectives of an individual investor.  That is no different with an EB-5 redeployment investment decision.

As a leading regional center operator, CanAm Enterprises has developed an investor-focused EB-5 redeployment platform that prioritizes investors’ specific immigration and financial needs and objectives. CanAm recognizes that each investor has different goals in terms of the redeployment timeframe, expected returns, liquidity needs, and risk tolerance. Through its registered investment adviser, CanAm will recommend the most suitable redeployment solution, based on each investor’s individual needs and will always seek investor consent before any redeployment arrangement is made.

Investors first

CanAm’s redeployment platform provides a unique solution for each investor that considers his or her individual circumstances. Our goal is to recommend the most suitable option for redeployment according to each investor’s requirements.

Our SEC-registered investment adviser, CanAm Capital Management, will present each investor with a recommended redeployment investment which is fully compliant with all USCIS’s policy requirements and will maximize the likelihood of achieving all immigration benefits under the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

Our approach also considers investors’ capital growth. Unlike the original EB-5 project, the redeployment investment has more flexibility as it does not require any job creation. That is why we can offer much higher yields through our select redeployment solutions than what the original EB-5 project investment could offer.

We consider all important factors

Redeployment Timeframe
Liquidity Needs
Risk Tolerance and Expected Returns

A portfolio of investment instruments

CanAm’s redeployment portfolio consists of several investment instruments that cover short-term, mid-term, and long-term redeployment timeframes. Our redeployment solutions include conservatively structured mezzanine loans, various forms of private equity real estate investments, and U.S. municipal bonds, among many other solutions.

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