How Do You Choose the Right EB-5 Investment Firm?

Key EB-5 Investment Firm Questions

When choosing which EB-5 investment firm to trust, you should first examine a few key metrics. Successful EB-5 investment firms should have a comprehensive history not only of capital raised but also repaid to investors. They should also have a high number of successful I-526 and I-829 approvals. See how we stack up against the rest of the industry and learn what questions you should be asking of your future financial partner.

CanAm: CanAm is one of the longest standing and most experienced EB-5 investment firms in the country, with its first regional center designated in 2002. Before that, we were in the Canadian Business Immigrant Investment Program, which brought qualifying foreign nationals Canadian residency status. We have been serving immigrant investors for 35 years.

The Industry: There are hundreds of small and new regional centers offering investment opportunities, however, none can compare with CanAm in terms of experience, results, and expertise.

CanAm: CanAm has repaid $2 billion in capital to date from more than 4,000 investor families.

The Industry: The rest of the industry combined has repaid less than half the amount that CanAm has repaid to our investors. We outperform all other firms in terms of repayment– more than double the amount repaid by the rest of the industry, collectively.

CanAm: We have received I-526 approval for over 5,000 investor families and I-829 approvals for more than 2,500 investor families. The true indication of immigration success is the I-829 approval because it removes conditions from your permanent resident status. I-829 approval requires proof of job creation. CanAm’s team performs detailed research and institutional-quality financial analysis for every EB-5 project to help deliver the result.

The Industry: Although there are hundreds of regional center operators, only 30 or so have any I-829 petition approval track record at all. Many inexperienced financial or real estate firms can get I-526 approvals for their first projects, but seldom can successfully reach the I-829 stage.

CanAm: We have fully-funded over 60 successful EB-5 investment projects to date.

The Industry: Only one other firm in the industry can claim even close to the amount of completed EB-5 projects as CanAm. The industry average ranges from one project to the mid-twenties.

CanAm: CanAm is the first and only EB-5 regional center operator to retain an internationally acclaimed accounting firm, PKF, to conduct a comprehensive audit of our track record.

The Industry: No other regional center operators have had a third-party accounting firm validating their track record.

CanAm: Our CEO, Tom Rosenfeld, has more than 30 years of experience structuring immigration-linked investments, having spent 15 years in the Canadian Business Immigration Investment Program before starting in the U.S. Immigrant Investor Program. He has brought together a team of expert professionals with decades of experience within the fields of finance, real estate, immigration, client services, accounting, corporate law, and marketing. Most importantly, CanAm performs all of its operations in-house so that we can make sure everything we do is at the highest-level of quality. This expertise is what has allowed CanAm to grow into the massively successful enterprise it is today. We pride ourselves on the our knowledgeable staff, leveraging transparency and integrity at every touch point for our investors.

The Industry: The industry has seen the entrance of many regional centers run by real estate developers and immigration law firms. Although these firms may have experience in their industry, they are newcomers to EB-5. Immigration-linked investment requires expertise in immigration law as well as structuring and monitoring qualifying financial investments. Our staff offers the experience and expertise to anticipate all of your EB-5 Visa needs, which cannot be matched by any other firm.

CanAm: CanAm’s Investor Relations Department is dedicated to providing comprehensive client services to all our investors, from practical matters related to entering the U.S. to updates on the status of their investment project to giving insights about EB-5 program and policy developments. These services include preparing extensive documentation to ensure a smooth application to convert the conditional green card to an unconditional permanent green card process, prepare for the consulate interview, job creation monitoring, and semi-annual reports. Our staff strives to provide clarity, trust, and knowledge.

The Industry: Although client services range in the industry from application assistance to full service operations, what sets CanAm apart is our relationship not only with our investors, but with the leading immigration legal counsel in the country and developers across industries.

CanAm: CanAm’s in-house Immigration Counsel tracks all the USCIS policy guidance in the EB-5 program so that all of our investor petitions conform to requirements. Our Project Development and Management team are in constant contact with all of our investment projects to monitor project status and job creation. As a result, in addition to our extensive client services, we prepare detailed semi-annual reports for our investors to keep them informed of the industry changes. These reports include specific updates regarding the investment project, documentation detailing the borrower’s financial health, job creation updates, and permanent green card issuances.

The Industry: Few firms can offer the first-in-class service that CanAm provides, and investors are often left without continual communication lines to the firm. No one operates with the same transparency and integrity as CanAm, since we see every investment partner as an ongoing relationship throughout the EB-5 Visa process lifecycle.

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As you move through the EB-5 investment process, choosing a premier financial firm to guide you is crucial. Understanding the right questions to ask can help you make the best choice for your EB-5 investment goals. With 35 years of experience, CanAm Enterprises has the in-depth knowledge of the industry requirements, processes, and practices that you need. Learn which questions you should be asking and compare us to others in the industry so that you can make the decision yourself.