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How EB-5 Visa Paves Road To US Green Card And What New Tax Rates In India Mean For Applicants

By Goldi ChawlaIt’s important to note the tax benefits associated with the EB-5 can vary depending on an investor’s circumstances and should be carefully considered in consultation with a qualified…

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How Layoffs, Lottery Worries With H-1B Visas Are Steering People To The EB-5 Visa

By Peter Calabrese It’s hard to make sense of the unfortunate and repeating wave of layoffs in the tech sector, which are falling heavily on the talented Indian nationals whose skills…

CanAm COO Christine Chen to Participate in IIUSA EB-5 Experts Webinar Series

Chen will share insights to help peers navigate new RIA accounting and oversight rulesNew York, NY — What do EB-5 businesses need to know about the rigorous accounting and reporting…

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Green Card-by-Investment Option for US-Based Foreign Nationals

CanAm: USCIS to Expedite Review of Rhoads Industries EB-5 Project

CanAm makes case that Rhoads project in Philadelphia Navy Yard meets strict criteria to expedite review of pending project applicationNew York, NY – CanAm Enterprises (CanAm) announced today that U.S….

Practical Advice You Need Before Making a Decision on an EB-5 Visa

 Experienced CanAm Leader Will Share Insights on Immigration by Investment Visa at Miami ExpoNew York, NY – What information, resources and guidance do you need to make an informed decision…

CanAm Enterprises Rings in 2023 with EB-5 Project Repayment

The $14.5M EB-5 loan supported the prestigious Lundquist Biomed Research Center project in L.A.New York, NY – CanAm Enterprises (CanAm) today notified its EB-5 investors who supported the construction of…

As Big Tech Layoffs Imperil Visas for Foreign Workers, CanAm Puts Spotlight on EB-5 Option

By Peter Calabrese Displaced immigrant workers may take fresh look at EB-5 visa programRecent reports of significant layoffs at big tech companies may mean that many immigrants whose visas are conditioned…

CanAm fecha financiamento EB-5 de US$ 28 milhões para o Terminal da Jefferson Energy em Beaumont, Texas

O projeto do Terminal II da Jefferson Energy marca o segundo empréstimo fechado sob os novos regulamentos do EB‑5 e a quarta parceria com afiliadas do Fortress Investment Group Nova York, NY, EUA –…