News Updates and Related Articles

Amazon to Build a Major Fulfillment Center on CanAm’s EB-5 Project Site 2017
EB-5 Visa Major CanAm To Open Offices In India As Demand Jumps 2017
CanAm to Participate NJCU West Campus Groundbreaking Ceremony 2017
EB-5 Investor Visa Program being Extended to December 2017 (2) 2017
As H-1B hopes dim, rich families eye ‘investor visas’ for children 2017
EB-5 Investor in CanAm’s Florida Project Receives USCIS Approval 2017
Spurt in Indians using investors' visa for US entry 2017
CanAm’s President and CEO, Tom Rosenfeld, published the below letter to investors and industry professionals correcting USCIS’ errors in reporting CanAm’s track record. 2017
Beijing Mother Uses EB-5 to Relocate for Better Air Quality for Her Children 2017
1,700 CanAm Investors Received Full Principal Repayment and Permanent Green Cards 2017
CanAm Hosts a Gala - Celebrating Repaying 1,673 Investors 2017
CanAm’s New York Project Receives Approval from USCIS 2017
CanAm’s Executives to Speak at EB-5 Convention in Las Vegas 2017
Another CanAm Project Receives Approval from USCIS 2016
CanAm’s Thirty-First EB-5 Loan Repayment Yields New Milestone More Than 1600 EB-5 Investor-Families Fully Repaid 2016
CanAm Enterprises Announces the 30th EB-5 Partnership Loan Repayment - More Than One Thousand and Four Hundred Investors Were Fully Repaid To Date 2016
How EB-5 has influenced the economies of the 2016 convention cities 2016
Tishman Speyer plans massive LIC office project, looks to raise EB-5 money 2016
Tishman Speyer looking to raise EB-5 capital for Macy’s redevelopment plan 2016
CanAm’s 29th Project Repayment Marks New Milestone: 1,333 EB-5 Investors Repaid 2016
CanAm 第 29 个项目提前还款, 已有 1333 位 EB-5 投资者收回本金 6.665 亿美元 2016
Immigration financing fuels part of Allentown's revitalization 2015
CanAm Enterprises Reaches Another Milestone with More Than 1,500 I-829 Petition Approvals 2015
美EB-5投资移民9月面临改革 势头不减 2015
More Than 60 New I-829 Approvals in Less Than 30 days for CanAm 2015
CanAm 不到 30 天取得 60 多项 I-829 新批准 2015
CanAm Announces 28th EB-5 Project Repayment – Bringing the Total Number of CanAm Investors Repaid to Date to 1,253 Investors 2015
CanAm 宣布第 28次 EB-5 项目返还 – 迄今为止 CanAm 投资者获得本金全额返还 的总人数达到 1,253 名。 2015
CanAm 最近有 6 个项目获得美国移民局批准,其中部分项目的批准耗时不到半年! 2015
CanAm’s Six Most Recent Projects Approved by USCIS, Some in Less than Six months! 2015
Betting on the New York Ferris Wheel to Elevate Staten Island’s Fortunes 2015
CanAm’s 43rd Project Funds, Marking Continued Investment of EB-5 Capital to Redevelop the Philadelphia Navy Yard 2015
CanAm 第 43 个项目启动投资, 标志着 EB-5 融资继续投资费城海军船坞产业园的重新发展 2015
纽约摩天轮开始为垂直施工奠基,预计于 2017 年年初开放 2015
CanAm’s 42nd EB-5 Project Fully Underway as Aker Launches Hull #21 2015
New York Wheel Begins Laying Foundation for Vertical Construction, First Rides Set for Early 2017 2015
CanAm 的 EB-5 贷款偿还创造新的里程碑 ― 超过 1,000 个投资者家庭获得全额还款 2015
CanAm’s EB-5 Loan Repayment Yields New Milestone – More Than 1,000 Investor Families Fully Repaid 2015
Largest EB-5 Project Repayment to Date: Principal Repaid to 244 Investors in Full and on Time 2014
迄今最大的 EB-5 项目还款:将本金全款按时返还给 244 名投资者 2014
NY Wheel Reels in Chinese EB-5 Investors 2014
New York Wheel Gets Financial Backing from Chinese Investors through Federal Green Card Program 2014
CanAm’s 22nd Project Repayment Marks New Milestone: 500+ EB-5 Investors Repaid 2014
10 Year Partnership of CanAm Enterprises and PIDC Brings $600 Million to Philadelphia Projects 2014
Program Matches Foreign Investors with Philadelphia Projects 2014
EB5 Investors Magazine: Exclusive Interview with Tom Rosenfeld of CanAm 2014
CanAm Enterprises Reaches Milestone with 1,000 I-829 Approvals 2013
CanAm Enterprises Receives Approval for The New York Metropolitan Regional Center 2013
USCIS Has Published the Final Policy Memorandum 2013
CanAm Enterprises Announces 18th EB-5 Loan Repayment 2013

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